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Making magic one candle at a time.


The Candle Club

Plan Details

Subscription Information

The Energy Almanac


Plan Details

The candle of the month is carefully curated to support you in your daily ritual journey and energetic alignment for the upcoming weeks! Each Candle of the Month in 2023 is designed to pair with month-by-month astrology forecasts found in The Energy Almanac!


Each month you'll receive a new Poppy Mountain Rituals Intention Candle! Your plan will be month-to-month: you will be charged each month on your billing date for the next month's Candle Club box. 

You will be charged $35 + shipping & sales tax on the date of your first subscription purchase every month. This includes one candle per month - you can skip or cancel your Candle Club box any time. 

Subscription Information

Each month's Intention Candle is available for purchase for the duration of each month. Place your orders before the last day of the month if you want the Intention Candle for the following month. 

For example: February's scent will be available from January 1st to January 31st, March's scent will be available from February 1st to February 28th, etc.


Candle Club orders will start shipping on or before the 7th of each month. 


On the first day of each month I will make an announcement on Instagram with the details of the following month's Intention Candle. For example, on January 1st I will post on social media announcing February's Intention Candle. 


The Energy Almanac

Your Intention Candle Companion! 

The Energy Almanac for 2023 is your complete easy-to-read holistic guide for the twelve months of the new year. The astrology of the year ahead has been decoded and wrapped up into one beautiful book to keep at your bedside, desktop, or altar.  Plan according to the planets!


  • Get twelve months of information broken into 52 articles that dive deep into each week

  • See exactly how the planets support your days, weeks, months - then plan accordingly

  • Know which gemstone will support your energetic alignment for the upcoming weeks

  • Know which specific aromas to help balance and restore yourself…we’ll tell you which ones to use, when, and how

  • Support your week through each moon cycle with the right tools

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