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MAGIC MOMENTS: "We can travel across oceans and lands in search of what we think to be paradise, but must remember it exists inside of us always, in spaces where magic meets the mundane."- Victoria Erickson

Magic Moments are all around us; in the here and now.

Are you present? Do you notice them?


FRAGRANCE: Star Anise & Raw Honey

CRYSTAL: Obsidian


Price Options
$32.00every month until canceled
  • The candle of the month is carefully curated to support you in your daily ritual journey and energetic alignment for the upcoming weeks! Each Candle of the Month in 2023 is designed to pair with month-by-month astrology forecasts found in The Energy Almanac!

    Each month you'll receive a new Poppy Mountain Rituals Intention Candle! Your plan will be month-to-month: you will be charged each month on your billing date for the next month's Candle Club box. 

    You will be charged $35 + shipping & sales tax on the date of your first subscription purchase every month. This includes a one of a kind 8oz candle per month - you can skip or cancel your Candle Club box any time. 

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