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About Me


My name is Sara


Poppy Mountain Rituals started here in my small Arvada home while searching for candles to brighten my morning ritual.

These candles and their intentions are infused with my personal values and purpose; I create these because I want nothing more than to share, inspire, and promote the power that comes with daily intention setting. 

Each intention candle has been carefully, thoughtfully, and intentionally crafted and are designed to be an expression of myself. As I am. Right now. Growing. Learning. Appreciating. 

Thank you for sharing your intentions, affirmations and joy with me.


With each candle lit, we collectively Make Magic Happen!


Intention Setter. Scorpio. Enneagram 4. Yogi. Human.

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Kellie, CO

“Smells like heaven! Can’t wait to see what she comes out with next!!"

Sydney, CO

"I purchased this one just for me - as a way to help me intentionally take time to plan in 2022. It smells AMAZING and makes me so happy when I use it! Plus, it does help me focus, which is the whole point!"

Rene, MI

“Beautiful as well as a great fragrance. The extra details of the sparkle that adds an extra touch. It is special.”
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